20% of proceeds will be donated to Clean Ocean Access

20% of all funds raised will be donated to Clean Ocean Access.

Clean Ocean Access is an Aquidneck Island based non-profit organization whose mission is, "action today so future generations can enjoy ocean activities," and goals are Clean: Eliminate Marine Debris, Ocean: Improve Coastal Water Quality, Access: Protect and Preserve Shoreline Access.  Learn more here:


Driftwood Sculpture

Price: 300.00 USD
This is a uniquely mounted piece of driftwood with copper mounted in stone

Mounted driftwood

Price: 400.00 USD
This piece is mounted on to a repurposed old drill press.

Box back lit framed driftwood sculpture

Price: 900.00 USD
This is a box framed piece with back pocket lighting.

Framed driftwood sculpture

Price: 500.00 USD
This piece is 13" x 47" original floating framed driftwood piece

Donated for a great purpose.

Price: 0.01 USD
Gathered from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean dried, and designed to mount in it's unique state and form.