(Gifted to great people). Set in local stone from the Atlantic Ocean with care.

While gathering and collecting each unique piece of driftwood for this project, large inspiring efforts are for cleaning up litter , "mostly plastics" around and along our shorelines.

Through this work came inspiration for The Adventures of Rhody Driftwood now on Amazon! This children's book is a magical adventure of Ocean conservation. With a sequel now written, the Adventure continues!

Now availavble in paperback here!

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Two feet in height by nine inches wide. 300.

Join in this magical journey

It all begins with our children! Future generations will inherit it all

Paperback version here:


Digital format here:


Book link to review or purchase on Amazon!


Childrens book written and illustrated by G. Emanuel Daffron Jr


 A most paramount motivation going forward is in giving back, inspiring, and spreading awareness, by reaching out to the community, as well as potential collaborations with local and other like minded groups.

 With these continuing efforts we look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with so many of you!

Check out http://www.rhodydriftwood.com to see more information about the childrens book "The Adventures of Rhody Driftwood", a magical adventure of Ocean Conservation.

Ri Driftwood Project Introduction

Local 3rd beach driftwood gathering and introduction to our mission statement.

Inspiration for my childrens book

"The Adventures of Rhody Driftwood"

 Four inch by 6 inch piece set in stone. 100.

Mixed media

Exhibited work at our local Bank.

Six feet by thirteen inches box frames pocket lit. 900.

Thirteen inches by fourtyseven inches floating frame piece. 500.

Donated to Clean Ocean Access, clean Ocean Day Event!

From the shores of the Atlantic Ocean hand picked commissioned to order or pre-made. Each piece is completely original and blessed with Love before shipment

[In home design options]


Drifting mobility

Kitchen utility driftwood sketch

10' lovely piece dried & ready to utilize.

Passion in sewing good seads, reaping beifits of action and inspiration.

Digital version of childrens book:


Paperback version of childrens book:



The RI driftwood project:
A vision of creativity combined with experience, heart, and Love. From functional Art pieces, to visual display, Each piece can be commissioned or acquired as is created.

Providing in home custom designed pieces to sculptural authenticity through design.
From the shores of the Atlantic Ocean hand picked commissioned to order or pre-made. Each piece is completely original and blessed with Love before shipment.

Your support is greatly appreciated in these ongoing clean up efforts combined with sculptural creations and childrens book

"The Adventures of Rhody Driftwood".

Please take a moment to leave your review of my water color paint illustrated childrens book

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Commision art pieces are available upon reaquest as well. See gallery for images of paintings.

Contact Artist G. Emanuel Daffron Jr. anytime!





Emanuel and Son working on a project

One less plastic bag on our shore